Lavender Hair, Don’t Care

Heyo peeps!

Have you ever heard of Directions? If you like dying your hair some crazy colour but only temporary, this is exactly what you need.

Directions is a British brand of Hair Toners with a strict ‘no animal testing’ policy🇬🇧 All colourations are semi-permanent and wash out within one week.

To start off, I bleached my hair with Directions 1 year ago. I used peroxide Vol 40 to bleach my hair because I’ve had a darker hair colour.  Here’s a link to show you your recommended strenght of peroxide. Afterwards I tried some of their Toners like Pastel Pink,
Lavender, Lilac and Silver. My favourite colour always remained the Lavender Toner. It is a mixture of pink and purple. However, Lavender is a warmer shade and I prefer these to the cold ones.

If you haven’t got light hair it is possible that the colouration doesn’t have that much of an effect. In that case, I strongly recommend bleaching your hair at least once (be aware of the damage this causes to your hair though…).

I’ve made a disappointing experience with the Silver Toner. After I had bleached my hair once, I tried the Silver Toner so that my ombre’d get a touch of grey. But my hair wasn’t lightened enough so there hasn’t been any difference before and after the colouration.

However I enjoy their products very much!

Here are some further variations.

xx Amy


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