Since I was a teenager I’ve always felt the power and magic of fashion. Personally, it makes a big difference to me if I like what I wear or if I just throw anything on because I am in a hurry. The first time I felt this impact was years ago on a desolate morning in autumn. The weather was pretty shitty, I was on my way to school and I just felt like the weather. Don’t get me wrong, I’m usually not a negative person, in fact, I’m the exact opposite of negative, but everyone can have a bad day. Nevertheless, I wanted to feel comfortable in what I was wearing and did not ‘just throw anything on’. I dressed the way I liked it and felt comfortable. That day I realised what an enormous difference it makes to me to be wearing clothes I love. Suddenly my mood was lifting, I got compliments for my outfit and the whole day turned into a good one.

This probably sounds pretty cheesy but this was how all of this began. After I had realised that a bad day could possibly turn into a good one if only I felt confident about my clothing, I couldn’t keep myself from trying out new styles, buying new clothes and experimenting with new combinations.

This is exactly what fascinates me about fashion and style. It is about discovering who you really are and how to outwardly express that personality. In that sense, fashion can be a way of communicating with your environment. You see, I am happy with who I am and I feel comfortable in my own skin. And you don’t have to like me, that’s okay, because I’m at peace with myself. So why don’t you go out and try it for yourself? Dare to show everyone who you really are.


Why am I doing this? Because it makes me happy. Do I need any other reason?


I try to inspire people to dare more. I want to motivate people to be who they are and wear what they want. I want you to feel comfortable in your own skin. Just be yourself and be proud of yourself.
You don’t have to hide especially not when you’re different. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.
So let the world know what you’re standing for.
Everyone has prejudices, that’s why only very few dare to be completely themselves. There’s no need to give a damn about what anyone else is thinking about you, cause who’s left at the end of day?
Only you and yourself.
So stand out for who you are.