THRIFT SHOPS, BRUSSELS I’m currently living in Brussels and one of the first things I did was explore all these beautiful second hand stores here. TOP 3 thrift shops I’d recommend you to start your shopping journey: AMY’S TOP 3: -Docks Caviar (Rue de Flandre 70, 1000 Bruxelles) -Episode Belgium (Rue de la Violette 28, 1000 […]

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Lavender Hair, Don’t Care

Heyo peeps! Have you ever heard of Directions? If you like dying your hair some crazy colour but only temporary, this is exactly what you need. Directions is a British brand of Hair Toners with a strict ‘no animal testing’ policy🇬🇧 All colourations are semi-permanent and wash out within one week. To start off, I bleached […]

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